Center-Based ABA Therapy

Treatment centers for applied behavior analysis therapy are unique places in many respects. However, by definition, they must also have many familiar elements in order for ABA therapy to be as effective as possible as a treatment for children with autism spectrum disorders. To understand why this familiarity is necessary, it could be useful to discuss what to expect from the first few sessions.

The First Days at the Center

The initial stages of ABA therapy typically consist of a registered behavior therapist getting to know the child undergoing treatment. This would involve games, toys, jokes and treats. As the RBT learns the child’s preferences, he or she gains the ability to use favorite snacks or positive gestures in order to provide the consistent support and reinforcement that forms the foundation of ABA practices.

The Theory Behind the Games

Of course, ABA treatment is not all fun and games. It is a carefully planned process, informed at every stage by case-specific data and the latest psychological theory. Additionally, especially with older children, some of the therapy might have a more formal tutoring format as opposed to the play based approach of the more naturalistic sessions. In either case, scientific rigor is applied. Treatment centers are designed to facilitate observation, conduct all formats of therapy efficiently and provide positive stimulus, but RBTs are trained to practice therapy in many different settings.

Although it may not always be readily apparent to a casual observer, a high level of clinical discipline is one of the main reasons that many institutions, including the Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners and the California Department of Health Care Services, recognize the legitimacy of ABA therapy and officially acknowledge it as a treatment for children with ASDs.

Our Centers at Pinnacle

Now that you know what to expect, the next step is seeing it for yourself. We have two treatment centers at Pinnacle. In Arizona, we are located at 19840 Cave Creek road, right off of Arizona State Route 101. In the Los Angeles area, our center is located at 840 Apollo Street in El Segundo. That is about halfway between the San Diego Freeway and the Pacific Coast Highway off of Rosecrans Avenue.

If these locations are inconvenient, please keep in mind that, although treatment centers offer many benefits, they are by no means the only places that ABA therapy can take place. Homes, schools, parks and many other places are all established settings. Each provides its own distinct advantages for the treatment process.

Come See Us Soon

Our behavior analysts will observe your child in an initial intake process with the intent of making recommendations based on behavior. The unique goals and constraints of your family will also be taken into account. Please call us at 1-866-342-8847 to schedule your initial appointment today.